The long-awaited vacation is finally approaching and you, by now, have planned everything in detail. You have created an alert on your smartphone to remember precisely when the exact day to check in online, you have double-checked the policies regarding hand baggage and the checked baggage .

Yes, it’s all OK! It’s all ok, but there is always that “something” that bores you.

Needless to deny it, on the eve of leaving for a trip there is always some anxiety . That it is because of the pseudo fear of flying, whether it is what we see happening every day on TV, the mind, in the less opportune moment, always has fun doing the usual trick and here is the fateful question ” … And if did it happen to me ? “.

Here, given that no one is given to predict the future and that in general it is always better to postpone any planned trips to “hot” areas from a political or social point of view, here are 5 tips to travel safely .

1. Use the site

The Farnesina website allows you to record your trip, so that whatever happens the competent authorities are aware of where you are. This will also serve to organize any early returns if the political situation in the country where you are suddenly falls and becomes potentially dangerous. No scaremongering, but it’s good to remember what happened in Egypt a few years ago. The travelers who had registered their stay on were immediately identified and for their charter boats were prepared to return to Italy within a few hours.

2. Make copies of your documents and check their validity

It is good to make photocopies of your documents, possibly giving a copy to a trusted person. You can also think of doing a scan to keep in your files. Much attention must then be paid to the residual validity: it is good practice to start with a passport that has a residual validity of at least 6 months.

3. Never leave the passport as a guarantee

In some Eastern countries (such as Thailand) it is quite common to request a passport to guarantee something, such as renting a car. It is good to know that this behavior is not covered by the law and beware of those who say it is an obligation. A photocopy of the passport can be provided by placing a cross-section on the sheet indicating the reason why it was left, so that non-compliant uses are not made. In general, remember that no one except the Immigration Office is authorized to request your passport, unless you do not have all the other documents. So keep it tight!

4. Hide the money

If you start with cash, it will be better not to keep them in your wallet. This, in fact, is certainly the most obvious place to keep them and they will first look for possible bad guys. But don’t forget to declare the cash you carry with you, in the customs where it is requested!

5. Use taxis called by hotels

Especially if you travel in the countries of South America, or in any case in places where abductions are frequent for the purpose of redemption, always entrusted to the companies with which the hotels are affiliated and collaborate assiduously. This certainly can avoid you unpleasant incidents.